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Teaching and Learning Stories

We are born ‘ready to learn’ and do a remarkable job of learning a great deal before we head off to formalized learning contexts like schools. I have been thinking a lot about both the formal and the informal contexts that I have had an opportunity to learn from. Throughout my ‘formal’ education, I also regularly put myself in positions of informal learning – in contexts outside of my area of strength or familiarity. And I watched closely to learn from what my ‘instructors’ would do to try to support someone like me. My art instructor, my physical trainer, the math tutor, and the fellow who taught me how to fix air conditioning units.

I would like to collect stories from a wide range of people and use them in a teaching context where we work across disciplines. What can we learn when we revisit the stories of teaching and learning? What can they remind us of?

I invite you to make a short video ( 3-5 minutes) recalling a story from your educational past that was particularly meaningful to you. Just tell it as you recall it, and let us know why it has stayed with you. Then share it with me (using whatever means works for you; e.g., DropBox, WeVideo, YouTube) (email: khibbert at uwo dot ca)

If you enjoyed that and want to make another, I am also interested in learning about the qualities of a mentor that made a difference in your life.

Please provide your name and your profession so that we can look across the stories and see if we notice characteristics of those who chose particular life paths based on the experiences that touched them most significantly.

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